What you'll find when you show up!

What our services are like

“The church should be a safe place where people can be transparent without fear.”

Pastor Harry Colegrove

What to Expect

We are NOT a Perfect Church

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but we are not perfect. Sad to say it is true . . . we do not have it all together yet. Our own pastor says " I'm just a messed up guy helping other messed  up people to come to know Jesus." We are all still a work in progress striving to live more like Jesus every day. Remember that Jesus used 11 very imperfect people to change the world. In the same way, He can use us for His kingdom as well.

Our Atmosphere

Outside of being 21% Oxygen and 78% Nitrogen, our church atmosphere is more laid back. We want people to be themselves. You will be just as accepted whether you are wearing jeans and t-shirt, or suit and tie. It is truly "come as you are". We are called to be a family. In Christ, we are all brothers and sisters.


Our worship style leans toward contemporary employing both live and video worship. No worries . . . . no smoke machines or laser shows. No need for earplugs. We come to worship Jesus . . . NOT to be entertained.

Wake Up Stuff

We do offer coffee, tea, and hot chocolate along with light snacks.

Our Statement of Worship

We have gathered in the name of Jesus.

We have come to this house to worship God.

We have come to confess that Jesus is Lord.

We are not here to be entertained 

We are here to encounter the sacred. 

We are not consumers, we are worshipers.

We praise and adore the living God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Questions? Contact Us!

Harvest Family Fellowship

28 Shaffer Hill Road 

Liberty PA, 16930

Church: 570-324-2349



Interim Pastor Mike Getgen

Cell: 570-404-1536