Mommy Moments

with Sarah Getgen

Mommy Moments. What's that?

Introduction to what Mommy Moments is going to be about. 

My Journey into Motherhood

My journey into motherhood was far from easy. In this video I share my story in the hopes of connecting with moms in similar situations.

Birth Experiences

In this video I explain my experience with birth and discuss how all types of birth are valid. Having a different birth story does not negate that you are an amazing Mama!

Motherhood, Not What I Thought

In this video I am honest and raw about how I am feeling overwhelmed in my motherhood walk. I talk about how it’s normal to feel this way and that it is perfectly okay to take a break to keep yourself healthy.

Mommy Moments. What's that?

In this video I discuss how understanding and recognizing differences in our kid’s personalities can make daily life go smoother. Their differences should never be viewed as a bad thing, but as something that is unique to how they work.

Raising Kids

In this video I discuss how our parenting affects the relationship that we have with our children. Are you fostering a relationship where you child(ren) are comfortable coming to you when they need help or guidance?

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